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Our big dream has always been to move places, change lives and build a revolution that will make a mark in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and liquid market. With our network marketing program we wish to pilot our platform to all ends of the world
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About LunoTrades

Welcome to LTrades (LunoTrades) . An online mutual fund investment
located in Luxembourg city, Luxembourg with world-class security
thanks to our membership of the Luxembourg Deposit Guarantee Funds (FGDL)


We Are A Revolution

LunoTrades is a subsidiary company of LUNO INVEST S.à r.l.(CN:B225935), a real estate company owned and operated by Olmedo Laurent (EMBA, MIB) our trading operations are certified by the financial commission. Our services include

Cryptocurrency trading

Forex, stocks and options

Cryptocurrency Wallet Services


Digital Asset Management

Exchange Services

Our Rewards and

Monthly Pay: Cryptocurrency of choice

Possibility of earning monthly bonuses are based on your performance and the participation of your community. You must always stay in contact with the development and marketing teams to keep abreast of current development, assure the best community experience, and procure maximum benefits.

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